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This project is basically order management software developed in PHP and MySQL as backend. The order management deals with the service orders posted by clients or customers (COD) for specific purposes. These orders are being assigned to some technicians by admin users to carry forward. 

Clients are usually small business stores that offer service orders at the point of sell. COD customers are those who offer service orders from anywhere. The technicians are registered users who can  modify  service status at  the point of completion .

The software is developed in such a way that it can track each and every step of the order from the stage of posting to report release. The whole functionality of the software is based on the lifecycle of orders.

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  • The main business logic behind the system is job post and after approval the posted job is assigned to a technician by admin user.
  • The technician are key players to complete the job and update the status. The status may be open, assigned, on hold, WFP, completed and invoiced.
  • Technicians can use both web application and mobile APP for these purposes. They can send work images and documents from their mobile for admin reference.
  • There is one internal communication system present in the application. Which helps the technicians to communicate with admin user.
  • After completion of job the bill will raise against clients/customers.
  • Technicians also get their payments after making the job status completed.
  • At last the reports will be generated for different type of users (admin, clients/customers and technicians) in their respective login areas.
  • Authorized.net is the payment gateway integration used in this project. For client payments and customer payments this PG is used.
  • We have used the Advanced Integration Method (AIM) which is Authrized.Net’s recommended connection method and offers the most secure and flexible integration.
  • Third part sms gateway is used to communicate with technicians if required.
  • Work calendar is integrated with google map to easy locate customer location and technician place.


PHP, Mysql, AJAX, JavaScript, Jquery


Order Management System