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This project is basically order management software developed in PHP and MySQL as backend. The order management deals with the service orders posted by clients or customers (COD) for specific purposes.

These orders are being assigned to some technicians by admin users to carry forward. Clients are usually small business stores that offer service orders at the point of sell. COD customers are those who offer service orders from anywhere.

The technicians are registered users who can modify service status at the point of completion. The software is developed in such a way that it can track each and every step of the order from the stage of posting to report release.The whole functionality of the software is based on the lifecycle of orders.

The important users of this order management software are the technicians. They always work in the remote sites(customer end).

The technicians are the only users who directly communicate with the customers and update the work status to admin through system because the final work status depends upon the remarks of the technician. To keep track their works is essential for the Admin and it was not possible through web application.

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  • A job calendar is there where a technician can find, on which date a job is assigned to him.
  • By choosing the date from the calendar, user can view the assigned work the in a grid view for that particular date. And grid contains the work orders with the corresponding fields like service name, customer name, assigned date etc.
  • There is also an option to see the location of the work in the map view with path/route on the map from the current location. Also a technician can schedule its assigned job here by setting the date and time.
  • User can find the jobs which are scheduled in a separate tab. It is showing the service name, customer name, scheduled date etc in a grid view. Here also a technician can see the location of the job as like assigned page.
  • An action option is available against each work order for the technician to submit his work status report. In the work status submit page, lots of informations need to be filled up. Its like technician can upload the work images, signature image of the customer, documents for the work order along with other necessary field data while submitting the work status.
  • For work images, a technician can capture the multiple images from device camera to upload.
  • For capturing signature of the customer, there is a specific area is reserved where a customer will sign there by the finger tip. This signature will be saved as image in the system while submitting work status.
  • For uploading documents, a technician has to pick the documents from the device storage. The documents are saved in the system when the technician submits work status.
  • User can find the work orders which are in in-progress and dispatched state in a separate section. User can manage his/her profile, can change password etc.


iOS: Xcode, Objective C, Android Studio


Order Management