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Tourney GURU

Tourney GURU


This software is developed in the ideas about what a wrestling tournament experience could be like if you leverage the latest technology in cloud computing and the mobile internet. The main purpose of the software is to run matches of tournaments and publish results. 

The main scope of the software is to arrange suitable brackets within participators and complete match successfully. Another scope is running live matches using digital bout sheet or paper bout sheet. The result publication and perfect scoring is also another important scope of the software. 

The result would be SMS to the registered mobile numbers immediately complete the matches/tournament.

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  • The software has very good registration system. So that any user can register their kids easily and make payment using credit cards. After successfully registration they can notify with the bracket information.
  • Bracketing is the most important feature of software. Participators registers can group according to their age, sex and weight. Tourney admin can also rearrange the participators at any time as per the availability of Mat.
  • Match numbering and arrangement considering brackets is also important feature of the software. Tournament match number is very important to system because participators would present /available as per numbers.
  • SMS of future match number or changed match number is another important feature of the software.
  • Assign matches to mat is another important feature of software. All match number to brackets are determined the actual number of matches held on the mat.
  • Print bracket digram or download bracket diagram in PDF format is also important feature of the software.
  • Digital bout sheet/Paper bout sheet are important features to carry the live matches. In paper bout sheet admin can enter winner/ looser and their scores into the system and software will automatically update the matches and publish result.
  • Digital bout sheet is something different and works brilliantly in the software. Spectators can view the bout sheet with LED/ Larger screens. Admin user can only click specific buttons and the score/result will automatically calculated and publish result.
  • Besides these described features there are some feature present in software which helps the important features to run successfully. As bracket functionality is most important we have described below in details about this.


PHP, Mysql, AJAX, Java Script, Jquery


Wrestling Tournament